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If God Hears Me, Why Doesn’t He Answer?
By the use of: Maggie Meadows Cooper

“Because of he bends all the way in which down to concentrate, I can pray as long as I’ve breath!”Psalm 116:2 NLT

“Mama! God obtained’t do what I suggested Him to!” was once the grievance I got from my recently grew to grow to be five-year-old as we have now been getting able for mattress recently. She outlined that she suggested God to stop the ceiling fan from spinning so she could rely what variety of “points” have been on there going spherical. And He didn’t. She was once pretty pissed off and couldn’t understand why He wouldn’t make it stop. And, oh goodness, I knew I had a teachable second on my palms. 

You perceive those moments when your youngsters do one factor or say one factor and your center thinks, “I should in reality have a deep talk about this and revenue from this second.” Nonetheless your ideas and body are announcing, “We’re method too drained to tackle this issue presently. Give the quick decision and switch on.” That’s the place I was on this one. Nonetheless…I knew this was once a biggie, and so, I “positioned on my large girl panties” and tried my best possible. 

Y’all, one of many important hardest points to supply a proof for…and understand…is why God options, or doesn’t decision, or delays his options, or options in another way to our requests. Nonetheless it’s in reality simple. God is God. And we’re now not. We don’t have to know. We don’t want to understand. And we aren’t meant to know always. We’re merely meant to believe. 

Nonetheless explaining that to a five-year-old who completely will get that God is precise and is talking to Him like a person and thinks He’s being rude if He doesn’t reply is difficult. I stress so much that God is alongside along with her that she has come to think about Him like all one in every of us. And while that’s very good and treasured to my soul, I’m doing a disservice if I don’t moreover educate her that God isn’t our equal. He’s all-powerful, all-knowing, and His selections are best possible. 

My toddler had a few explanations for why the Lord wasn’t doing what she talked about, and I made up my mind to go to scripture to show her they’ve been merely now not appropriate. I’m sharing them proper right here in case your younger youngsters or buddies or co-workers or anyone come to you with the same quandary… that God obtained’t do what they suggested Him to. I’m hoping these gives you with encouragement and a starting point for dialogue with those you love

1. If He doesn’t do what I discussed, then He can’t hear me.

“Because of he bends all the way in which down to concentrate, I can pray as long as I’ve breath!” Psalm 116:2 NLT

“That’s the vanity now we have now in coming close to God: that if we ask the remaining consistent with his will, he hears us.” 1 John 5:14

“The eyes of the Lord watch over people who do correct, and his ears are open to their prayers. Nonetheless the Lord turns his face in opposition to people who do evil.” 1 Peter 3:12

2. If He doesn’t do what I discussed, that suggests He isn’t {highly effective} adequate to do it.

“Nonetheless Jesus checked out them and talked about, “With man that’s not attainable, nevertheless with God all points are possible.” Matthew 19:26       

“For by way of him all points have been created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether or not or not thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all points have been created via him and for him.” Colossians 1:16

“‘Ah, Lord God! It’s you who’ve made the heavens and the earth by way of your good vitality and by way of your outstretched arm! Not something is simply too arduous for you.” Jer. 32:17    

3. I’m the boss of Him, so He should do what I say.

“Jesus bought right here and suggested his disciples, “I’ve been given all authority in heaven and on earth…” – Matthew 28:18

“Think about what God has completed: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?  When events are wonderful, be at liberty; but when events are harmful, consider this: God has made the one along with the other. Subsequently, no particular person can uncover the remaining about their long term.”Ecc. 7:13-14

Oh, y’all, there usually are not any easy options when your center longs for one factor so badly, and likewise you merely want to see the flexibility of God at work in your existence or the lives of those you’re eager on. Nonetheless optimistically these scriptures will assist us all take into accout who God in reality is and to seek out comfort within the reality that He hears us, He’s {highly effective} adequate to do higher than lets ask or think about, and He is the general authority. 

Don’t for one minute doubt that He’s in absolute regulate and holds you and those you’re eager on inside the palm of His hand. Whether or not or not it’s a bossy little five-year-old or a middle-aged mama or a seasoned older gentleman, all of us prolonged to see God work in our lives. Preserve with regards to Him, study His phrase, keep praying. And inform others about His goodness.

Maggie Meadows Cooper is a partner, mom, educator, author, and blogger with a keen for women to develop a center for Jesus and others. She is the author of the children’s e book “Bumper” and blogs at The Little Moments about what the Lord is instructing her via her children and frequently existence. She contributes to Blogs by way of Christian Women, Devotional Diva, She Disciples, and Connecting Ministries. An educator with an M.Ed. in Early Adolescence Education from Auburn School (Warfare Eagle!), she has twenty years of take pleasure in working with young children. She loves all points chocolate, precise Coca-Cola, and lives alongside along with her husband, 3 children, and two rambunctious canine in Opelika, Alabama.

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